ALA is a home lift which fits perfectly
into the building structure to improve
home comfort and efficiency – a solution
for the well-being of all the people.

An increasingly
relevant functionality.

The ALA home lift is inclusive
and safe, it simplifies the everyday
life but takes also into account
the future needs.

This system works for everyone, it offers a tailor-made
solution and it is highly customisable.

Easy to install
and easy to use.


The structural features and the minimalism of the ALA home lift are aimed at simplifying its installation, ensuring a low impact on the surrounding environment.

ALA blends into the architecture or becomes the defining element.

The pit with the “on floor cuts” allows the platform to disappear into the floor, appearing very thin.


The external handrail allows the unlocking of the door, then the door opens by turning the handle placed on.
The LEDs placed on both handrails, inside and outside the lift, indicates the floors.


The turning of the internal handrail activates the lift, which stops when the grip is released.

The landing door can be unlocked only when the lift arrives to the selected floor.

ALA is an Adriano Design
project for VIMEC.

A new home lift, completely reshaped in all its components through the language of the design, the accurate planning of functional details, the careful choice of materials and finishes.
VIMEC is an outstanding european player in the accessibility segment, with production completely Made in Italy and installations all over the world.

ALA is perfect choice:
it’s useful and it adds
value to the building.

For any information, do not hesitate to contact us.

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